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How to Treat Back Pain for PKD Patients

2014-08-05 18:09| Font Size A A A

How to Treat Back Pain for PKD PatientsBack pain is the most commonly seen in Polycystic Kidney Disease and it has brought much pain to patients’ life. Well then, how to treat this symptom for them? Are there any good solutions? If you have no idea about this condition, please read on and you will find useful things in this article.

How does back pain occur in PKD?

If you happen to be a PKD patient, surely you must know that this kidney disease is characterized by the multiple cysts which grow on the kidneys. And these renal cysts exist in different sizes. When the cysts are small, patients have no symptoms in clinic. But with time going by, the cysts will become bigger and bigger. And the enlarged renal cysts will oppress the kidneys surrounding tissues and other organs. In this case, patients are prone to suffer from waist pain. Furthermore, when renal cysts become big enough, they are likely to rupture. This pain is sharp and often appear on patient’s back.

How to deal with back pain for PKD patients?

You said pain killers? Indeed, pain killers are good at eliminating pain feelings. But it is my duty to tell you that it is just in charge of reducing pain instead of solving the problem from the root, namely the damaged kidney and enlarged renal cysts.

How about surgery? Actually, in most western countries, surgery is commonly used to remove cysts. As a matter of fact, surgery is suitable for removing the larger or signal cysts. Even though, it is not a radical treatment for PKD patients, because when the larger cyst is removed by surgery, the small cysts will get more growth space.

Well then, would you like to try to Chinese herbal medicine? It has a history of more than 5,000 years and has widely been used to treat various disease. This medicines come from the nature and has few side effects. What’s more, according to TCM, Hot Compress Therapy is created and has achieved the great success. This therapy amins at shrinking renal cysts naturally and restoring kidney damage as well as protecting remaining renal function.

Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy are available for PKD patients. If you are interested in these therapy, please contact us directly or leave a message below. And we will try our best to help you. Best wishes to you!

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