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How to Prevent Kidney Stone in PKD

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How to Prevent Kidney Stone in PKD PKD patients have higher risk of getting kidney stone, which not only aggravates their condition but also causes great suffering to them. If you are concerned by this problem, you may find a solution in the following contents.

Some common reasons of kidney stone in PKD

Acid constitution

Patients with acid constitution have higher risk of this condition. When PH of their urine decrease below 5.5, solubility of some substances, such as calcium phosphate and sodium urate, will decrease.


Due to kidney damage, glomerular filtration rate will decrease, so certain amount of calcium may leak in the urine. And hypercalcinuria will increase the incidence of nephrolith. In addition, if PKD patients take too much calcium, it also can cause hypercalcinuria.

Low calcium level

Oxalic acid is an important constituent of kidney stone. Normally, calcium in intestinal tract can combine with oxalic acid so as to prevent absorption of it. However, if there is a shortage of calcium, absorption of oxalic acid will increase.

Measures to prevent kidney stone in PKD

Take moderate amount of calcium

From the above contents, too much calcium intake or shortage of calcium all can increase the incidence of nephrolith. Therefore, taking right amount of calcium is very important to PKD patients. If you have any doubts about this, our Online Doctor can give you a professional answer.

Take right kind of foods

Stay away from foods high in oxalic acid, such as strawberry, spinage, chocolate and peanut. Take some foods high in fiber, which can help to reduce calcium in urine.

Drink more water

It can dilute the urine so as to avoid high concentration of salt.

Take moderate exercises

It can stimulate blood circulation, preventing calcium depositing in blood vessels, which can increase calcium in blood.

PKD patients can follow this advice to decrease the probability of kidney stone. Any help, email us

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