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Is Yoga Good for PKD Patients

2014-05-19 00:30| Font Size A A A

Is Yoga Good for PKD PatientsIs yoga good for PKD patients? The answer is depending patients’ conditions: it may benefit patients a lot or deteriorate their conditions. Read on to find whether it is suitable for you.

Patients should avoid yoga

1. If patients’ condition is serious, they should take rest at bed rather than do this exercise.

2. Hemorrhagic disorders can be a complication of PKD, since polystic kidney disease can induce loss of some blood coagulation factor. If patients have this complication, they are not recommended to do yoga, since it may aggravate bleeding.

3. Patients are susceptible to osteoporosis, and if their conditions are serious, yoga is not a good choice for them. Patients with osteoporosis have high risk of fracture when they do yoga. Hardness of their bones decrease but fragility increase, so fracture will happen easily.

4. Patients with serious heart disease should avoid yoga, since it may increase the burden of heart and cause some serious conditions, like sudden death.

5. If patients’ cysts grow large enough, they are not suitable for this exercise, because cysts may rupture during exercises.

Patients suitable for yoga

1. High blood fat is common on PKD patients, yoga can stimulate fat embolism in patients’ bodies, so it can help patients lower this level in some degree.

2. Patients with low immunity can take yoga to boost their immunity.

3. Doing yoga can stimulate lymphatic system so as to excrete the toxins building in bodies.

4. Yoga can give patients a peaceful condition and adjust their nervous system so as to ease some symptoms, such as insomnia and anxiety.

We believe through the above contents PKD patients know whether yoga is good for them or not. If you still have doubts about that you can contact our Online Doctor.

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