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Limb Numbness in PKD

2014-04-26 23:53| Font Size A A A

Digestive Disorders in CKDSome PKD patients may experience limb numbness, is that related to their kidney disease? Why does this condition happen? Read on and you can get the answers.

Limb numbness may occur in the following cases:


When numerous cysts in PKD patients grow larger, they will squeeze the blood vessels in kidney, as a result, ischemia and anoxia will occur, which will induce kidney to secrete renin. Renin is related to blood pressure regulation. When renin is secreted, vessels will contract to elevate the blood pressure. Long-term high blood pressure may cause arteriosclerosis. On the one hand, arteriosclerosis can slow down the nerve conduction velocity. On the other hand, it can cause ischemia and anoxia in the brain, especially in sensory center. Thus, patients will have numb feelings in limbs.

Blood pressure fluctuation

As mentioned above, PKD patients always suffer hypertension. If patients’ blood pressure is poorly controlled, their blood pressure will fluctuate, which can cause many negative consequences. One of them is numbness in limbs. When the blood pressure fluctuates, the small arteries get narrow. There is not enough blood supplied to hands and feet. Limb numbness occurs.


In PKD, patients have low red blood cell count, due to accumulation of toxins and shortage of EPO. Therefore, when patients’ hands and feet can’t get enough blood or oxygen, patients will have numb hands and feet.

Peripheral neuritis

If patients maintain a strict diet for long-time, sufferers may be short of necessary vitamins, especially vitamin B. Deficiency of vitamin B can induce peripheral neuritis. Limb numbness is a symptom of peripheral neuritis.

As the causes of limb numbness are various, PKD patients should find out the exact reason of their condition and then they can improve their condition. If you have any doubts about your condition, you can contact our Online Doctors for help.

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