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Causes of Blood in Urine in PKD

2014-04-11 19:34| Font Size A A A

Some PKD patients feel panic when they find blood in urine. However, this is not a sign of fatal disease and it can be controlled with effective treatment. Here, we will introduce the causes in detail.

In simple terms, PKD is typically featured with cluster of cysts on both kidneys. With age, the fluid-filled sac will increase both in numbers and sizes. Eventually, the enlarged cysts are more likely to interfere with kidney function.

Causes of blood in urine in PKD

Kidney damage

Enlarged kidney cysts can cause damage to kidney and increasing permeability of glomerular filtration membrane is a consequent result of kidney damage. Thus, useful substances like red blood cells are more likely to leak into urine, resulting in blood in urine.

Cyst rupture

Another cause of hematuria is related to the rupture of blood vessel of cystic wall, which is easy to cause inflammation and urinary tract infection. Under the effect of enlarged cysts, the small blood vessels around the cysts are easy to rupture and then hematuria occurs.

Kidney stones

Besides, owing to the lesions, the damaged kidneys can not keep the whole system in balance and filter excess fluid, metabolic product, toxins, etc effectively. Thus the renal stone may appears that will cut urethra or cyst wall and cause the hematuria.

If you happen to have blood in urine, you are suggested to find out the root cause of this sign firstly. Then take corresponding treatments under the guidance of your doctors’.

The above are common causes of blood in urine in PKD. If you there is anything unclear, please describe us your condition in detail and email to Then our experts will reply you a personalized advice early.

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