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Headache in Polycystic Kidney Disease: Causes and Treatments

2014-03-16 19:27| Font Size A A A

Headache in Polycystic Kidney Disease: Causes and TreatmentsSometimes, people with Polycystic Kidney Disease may have a severe headache. Well, what are the causes? Are there some effective treatments? If you are eager to get the answer, please read on.

As a life-threatening disorder, PKD is mainly featured by various sizes of fluid-filled sac in the kidneys. After careful investigation, experts in this field have summarized the following causes:

1. Hypertension As a complication of PKD, high blood pressure do affect patients’ life largely. Except for headache, dizziness, cardiovascular disease or stroke can also occur.

2. Anemia In normal case, kidneys are responsible for the secretion of EPO. However, in this genetic disease, the diseased kidneys fail to work well, as a result, there will be less red blood cells. Due to this, headache will come into being.

Besides, when cerebral aneurysm occurs, the risk of having severe headache will be increased.

Treatment options for headache in polycystic kidney disease

Frankly speaking, treatments for headache should be aimed at treating the root cause. Therefore, measures should be taken to shrink the enlarged cysts and promote kidney function. And a natural remedy named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy have achieved good effects in this. Once renal function is enhanced, symptoms like headache will be relieved radically. Besides, it will not cause any side effects. If you want to know more about this, please email us directly.

Acupuncture As an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture can help stimulate our body to release a hormone, which can help treat headache to a certain degree.

Control of high blood pressure If it is related to elevated blood pressure, anti-hypertensive drugs and moderate physical activities can be combined to bring blood pressure under control.

Supplement of EPO or iron If it is caused by anemia, this treatment can be beneficial.

Additionally, people with this disorder also need to keep a positive attitude towards life and quit smoking and drinking. Any queries, you are welcomed have a nice chat with our Free Online Doctor!

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