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Sleep Problems in People with Polycystic Kidney Disease

2014-03-10 20:16| Font Size A A A

Sleep Problems in People with Polycystic Kidney DiseaseFor people with polycystic kidney disease, some of them usually complains that they have sleep disorders, which affects the life quality to a great extent. Here, you will form a general idea about the causes and treatments.

Factors that related to sleep problems in PKD

1. Huge psychological pressure So far, there is no cure this genetic disorder. Therefore, this huge psychological pressure can lead to sleep problems easily.

2. Frequent urination at night Due to a drop in kidney function, the “blood-cleaners” have to work harder to excrete extra wastes out of the blood. In this case, frequent urination at night can occur. And the frequency can be 2 times per day.

3. High blood pressure With time, the fluid-filled cysts will increase both in numbers and sizes. Gradually, the enlarged cysts will cause pressure to the surrounding tissues. And symptoms like high blood pressure, various pain can influence the sleep quality indirectly.

How to treat sleep problems in polycystic kidney disease?

1. Drugs Mostly, to improve sleep quality, certain medicines will be used. However, long-term usage of these drugs may lead to some side effects, what’s worse, the underlying cause still exists.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy To resolve the issue fundamentally, it of great importance to shrink the fluid-filled sac into an normal size and protect kidney function. And this natural treatment is just such a good choice. When renal function is improved, slee problems can be alleviated largely. Besides, each herbal formula is prescribed on the specific condition. If you are interested in this, Emailing to immediately.

3. Take moderate exercises In addition to the aforementioned methods, they also need to take moderate exercises to control blood pressure and delay its progression. For example, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and so on.

If you are suffering from PKD and sleep problems, we do believe this text can benefit you a lot. Wish you a good day!

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