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High Blood Pressure and Creatinine 6.5 in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2014-03-03 01:06| Font Size A A A

As a life-threatening disorder, people with polycystic kidney disease are usually suffer from a range of discomforts. What if there are high blood pressure and creatinine 6.5?

As it’s name implies, PKD is featured by various cysts on both of the kidneys. And the cystic fluid are mostly belong to initial urine. In the early stage, they are usually asymptomatic. As time goes by, they will increase both in sizes and quantities. Eventually, the enlarged cysts will cause great pressure to the kidney structures and interfere with kidney function.

Honestly speaking, the onset of high blood pressure and creatinine 6.5 has close connection with drop in kidney function. And these abnormal signs indicate kidneys have been damaged severely.

In western medicine, dialysis is commonly adopted to reduce creatinine 6.5. Besides, anti-hypertensive drugs are used to bring hypertension under control. However, functions of these treatments are limited. Under certain circumstances, there can be some adverse effects.

At our center, we provide patients with a series of TCM therapy. And among these treatments, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is mainly introduced.

The herbal medicines of this natural treatment are micronized into one thousands of its original size. With the action osmosis advice, these herbs can be permeated into the renal lesions directly via skin.

By dilating blood vessels, improving the permeability of the cystic walls, the secretion of cystic fluid can be reduced. In addition, it can also provide nutrients for the impaired kidneys. In this way, cysts will be shrunk to a normal size. And the cysts are not easy to relapse. When kidney function is increased, high blood pressure and creatinine 6.5 can be treated well.

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