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Leg Cramp in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2014-02-12 02:40| Font Size A A A

Some people with polycystic kidney disease are troubled by leg cramp, which is a very annoying symptom. How does leg cramp occur in polycystic kidney disease? How to relieve this symptom?

How does leg cramp occur in polycystic kidney disease?

Usually, polycystic kidney disease itself cannot cause leg cramp. Then why does it happen? The cysts are ever-developing, when they oppress the surrounding kidney tissues, kidney function will decline. This is the root cause of leg cramp. When kidneys are damaged, the electrolyte balance will be disrupted. Some of the electrolyte cannot be discharged, such as phosphorus. If phosphorus level is high, the calcium level will be lowered. Low level of calcium is the main cause of leg cramp.

The damaged kidneys are not able to secret enough vitamin D, which aims at regulating the level of phosphorus and calcium. So calcium level will lowered. Besides, some diuretic will also increase the discharge of calcium.

How to relieve leg cramp in polycystic kidney disease?

If you want to relieve leg cramp completely, you should find the underlying causes. That is the enlarged kidney cysts and the damaged kidney function. So to relieve leg cramp, you should first solve this problem. Which treatment can help achieve this purpose? Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. This therapy is regarded as the ideal treatment for polycystic kidney disease. It is applied externally with the help of an osmosis device, which used to permeate the herbs into kidney lesion. The herbs will prevent the cystic epithelial cells secreting cystic fluids and increase the permeability of the cystic walls. Then the fluids will flow out and be discharged through urine. Thus the cysts will be shrunk and kidney function will be improved. Then leg cramp will be relieved.

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