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How to Deal with Itchy Skin in PKD

2014-01-28 17:17| Font Size A A A

Many PKD patients will suffer from itchy skin which is so excruciating. The patients are very discomfortable at all times and they cannot work as normal. This gives a big trouble to their life. Then how to deal with itchy skin in PKD?

Why PKD cause itchy skin?

Before discussing the treatment for itchy skin, we should know the reasons that cause itchy skin. The major job of kidney is to remove the waste and toxins from the body. But with the enlargement of cysts, kidney functions will be damaged gradually and toxins will get together in the blood. Itchy skin occurs in this way.

How to deal with itchy skin in PKD?

A. Dialysis is one of the choices to improve the condition of blood. Dialysis apparatus will get waste and toxins out of the blood and put the clean blood into the body. It can change the condition of blood in a short time and it is indeed a quick way to deal with itchy skin. But it cannot treat itch from the root, kidney functions will continue to decline if you stop dialysis.

B. Is there an effective method to deal with itchy skin? Hot compress therapy maybe the answer you want. It is a new therapy based on the TCM, but used externally. It can prevent epithelial cells producing cystic fluid and can increase the permeability of cyst wall, the difference of pressure of inner and outside will let the cystic fluid get out of the body with urine. Itchy skin will get better with clean blood and damaged kidney functions will be restored. If you want to know how this therapy operates, you can send an email to .

C. Apart from the above treatment, nursing at home is also important to deal with itchy skin. Keeping skin clean will relieve the itch to some extent. Be sure to take a shower with warm water once a day.

About the itchy skin in PKD has to stop here. Do remember to have a good mind to treat disease and cooperate with the doctor actively. You can consult free online doctor to know more about how to deal with itchy skin in PKD.

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