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High Blood Pressure in PKD Patients on Dialysis

2013-12-04 16:59| Font Size A A A

PKD is a genetic kidney disease which can progress into kidney failure. Some patients with PKD are suffering high blood pressure. Dialysis is used for patients with kidney failure. But many patients on dialysis still have high blood pressure. What are the causes of high blood pressure in PKD patients on dialysis?

Dialysis indeed can replace some of the function of kidneys, such as removing the waste products and toxins, regulating electrolyte balance. But dialysis is not the complete renal replacement therapy. It cannot remove the excessive toxins in blood completely and it cannot well correct electrolyte disorder. It can not replace the endocrine function of kidneys. With long-term dialysis, a series of complications will occur and affect the lifespan and life quality of patients.

High blood pressure will get controlled with dialysis. But it is also a complication of long-term dialysis.

Water-sodium retention is one cause of high blood pressure on dialysis.

Because dialysis cannot well remove extra water and sodium, PKD patients are easy to be attacked by high blood pressure again. This is because extra water in blood will increase the pressure to blood vessel wall, which will cause high blood pressure.

With dialysis, the activity of renin and angiotensin is increased, which is also a cause of high blood pressure.

Patients on dialysis who are attacked by high blood pressure should well control the intake of water and sodium to prevent water-sodium retention and keep dry weight. Thus 75% patients can control high blood pressure. If it does not work, some antihypertensive drugs should be prescribed.

High blood pressure in PKD patients on dialysis can be controlled with proper treatment. You are suggested to consume your doctor or the online doctor for more treatments. You are also welcomed to send an email to, the kidney expert will give you more information.

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