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Polycystic Kidney Disease and Frequent Urination

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Polycystic Kidney Disease and Frequent UrinationPolycystic kidney disease is a condition that multiple cysts grow on the kidneys. The cysts are developing and they will cause many problems. Some patients are experiencing frequent urination. How does polycystic kidney disease cause frequent urination?

Polycystic kidney disease and kidney damage.

The cysts on kidneys are growing bigger and more. The small cysts do no harm to kidneys. But the bigger cysts will press the surrounding kidney tissues, which will cause inflammation and kidney damage. When it is not controlled well, the inflammation will enlarge and more and more kidney tissues will get affected. Then kidney damage occurs and kidney function is declined.

How does polycystic kidney disease cause frequent urination?

Urination is relate to filtration function of glomerular and reabsorption function of renal tubular. Glomerular filters the fluids we take and form initial urination. About 99% of the initial urination is reabsorbed by renal tubular. After the reabsorption, the waste product and extra fluids will be discharged and form urine finally. The normal urination in 24 hours is between 1500-2000ml.

When the kidney is damaged, the concentration ability will be decreased. So there will be frequent urination.

Urinary tract infection is also a common cause of frequent urination. Some of the bigger cysts will rupture and the fluids will flow out to other parts of our body. When the fluids spread into urinary tract, it will cause urinary tract infection. This is how polycystic kidney disease causes frequent urination.

Sometimes, frequent urination is not caused by kidney damage. Overmuch fluid intake, cold and mental stress can also cause frequent urination. If you are companied by urgent and painful urination, you have more possibility to develop kidney disease.

If you are attacked by frequent urination with polycystic kidney disease, you should go to a doctor immediately to check if there is kidney damage. Or you can contact the online doctor for free. He will give you more information!

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