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Albumin in Urine ++: How to Reduce It for PKD Patients

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Albumin in Urine ++: How to Reduce It for PKD Patients
Doctor: Is there anyone with kidney problem?

Patient: Myself. I have PKD.

D: Any symptoms now, like back pain, blood or protein in urine?

P: Albumin is ++, so is that protein? Right side pain. Also the urine is dark and foamy but no burning sensation as such.

The above dialogue happened between our online doctor and a PKD patient visited our website. Because a number of patients have the similar medical condition, let’s have a discussion in this article.

Because PKD is a genetic kidney disease, once you are diagnosed with PKD, you should take a look at whether your family members have this disease as well. Proteinuria, blood urine and back pain are the common symptoms. Do you know what causes them?

PKD is marked by the abnormal growth of cysts on kidneys. As the cysts are less than 3cm in diameter, patients do not have any symptoms. But as the cysts grow bigger, it will oppress surrounding renal cells and tissues, leading to kidney damage. As a result, protein and red blood cells which should be retained in body spill out with urine, leading to albuminemia and blood urine. Blood urine may also be associated with kidney stones and rupture of cysts.

Treatment to reduce albumin in urine for PKD patients

If you want to get relief from it, the fundamental way is to stop the growth of cysts and shrink them as well as promoting your kidney function. In Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment is often used in such a case, which may include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Navel Therapy, Moxibustion, etc. After about half month’s treatment, your blood urine and back pain will disappear. Albuminemia will reduce as well. After about one month’s treatment, your kidney cysts will become small. Proteinuria will turn negative. And your kidney function will increase gradually.

How to reduce albumin ++ in urine for PKD patients? If your current treatment is not effective enough for you to reduce it, you can try Chinese medicine. For more information on PKD treatment, please leave a message below or send emails to renal-disease@hotmail.com.

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