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Should I Be Concerned about Asymptomatic PKD

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Should I Be Concerned about Asymptomatic PKD“My doctor says it is a miracle that I have no swellings and no outward symptoms with PKD. But I am anxiety. Should I be concerned about asymptomatic polycystic kidney disease?” actually, the question is very common among patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Well then, what on earth is the answer? Any questions, email to us renal-disease@hotmail.com directly.

Generally speaking, if the cysts are small in the size, patients may do not suffer from any discomfort or symptoms. However, along with time, these fluid-filled sacs may grow gradually. When some cysts become so big that they will increase pressure to the kidneys and surrounding organs, triggering a series of symptoms like back pain, hypertension, swelling, blood in urine, etc. Therefore, when you diagnosed with PKD, you should pay highly attention to your kidney health.

First, Diet Therapy

In order to protect multiple cysts from enlarging or even rupturing, patients are suggested to have a friendly kidney diet plan. It is important to keep spicy food, coffee, alcohol, from your daily life. In addition, patients are required to have a low-salt diet, low-protein diet but high vitamin diet.

Second, moderate type of exercise

PKD patients are not suitable for doing strenuous exercise like basketball, football, taekwondo, etc. On the contrary, patients can do some moderate exercise like Taichi, Yoga, jogging, walking, swimming and so on. But patients should know some gestures should be avoided like bending, stretching, oppressing, etc.

Last but not least, Medical Treatment

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an effective and popular therapy for shrinking cysts naturally. With help of osmosis device, the active materials of Chinese herbal medicines can directly get to kidneys by permeating into skin. These medicines are processed into microns so they are more likely to be absorbed by the patients, so as to exert a greater function after they get into the kidney lesions. Through a series of functions, the cysts fluid can be reabsorbed and kidney function can be improved gradually. PKD patients don’t need to worry about the side effects as all the medicines come from the nature. Chinese herbal medicines used during the treatment will be prescribed according to individual cases.

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