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Urgent Care for PKD Patients with Swollen Foot

2014-12-01 14:22| Font Size A A A

Urgent Care for PKD Patients with Swollen FootSwollen foot is very commonly seen in patients who suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). The symptom not only disturb the patient’s normal life,but also can worsen illness condition if left untreated. Here we will introduce the urgent care for relieving swelling on foot for patients.

To know the answer, we do first have a well understanding about the causes of swollen foot in PKD.

In normal condition, the kidneys can filter out the wastes and extra fluid from body. However, for PKD, the enlarged cysts will replace more and more healthy nephrons, thus resulting in progressive renal function deterioration. Poor kidney function lay a foundation for a swollen foot.

1. When excessive water build up in he body can not be expelled out, swelling will occur, due to the gravity, it often occurs in foot.

2. Kidney damage causes the sodium retention which can lead to swelling.

3. Protein leakage will contribute to causing swelling.

Well then, what is the urgent care for PKD patients?

1. Limit intake of water and salt.

Swollen foot is mainly caused by water-sodium retention in body. You can relieve the swelling by reducing the fluid intake and salt intake.

2. When you lie on bed, you should try to lift your foot above the head.

3. Hot or Cold Compress with clean towel.

4. Diuretics

When swelling is serious, doctor will prescribe diuretics which can promote the excretion of fluid body, thus remitting swollen foot.

5. Shrink cysts

Actually, enlarged cysts is the root cause of kidney damage and swollen foot. So it is very important to take effective treatment to shrink cysts naturally. To attain this goal, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for PKD patients. Chat with our medical professional and get to know how this therapy works in treating PKD and swelling in foot. Or you can attach your test report to for an individualized treatment.

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