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Causes of Back Pain and Bloody Urine in PKD

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Causes of Back Pain and Bloody Urine in PKDPKD patients may suffer back pain and find blood in their urine. What are the causes of these symptoms? You can find a detailed answer in the following contents.

Causes of back pain in PKD

Cysts rupture

In polycystic kidney disease, when the cysts grow too large, they may get rupture easily. So patients will fell pain in the back.

Renal vein thrombosis

Because of inflammatory reaction and wastes accumulating, the blood vessels in kidney will get narrowed or blocked. What’s worse, usually there is a high blood viscosity, so renal vein thrombosis can easily happen.

Kidney cyst enlargement

When the kidney cysts grow larger, they may put stress on the nerve around, so patients can feel back pain. And the enlarged cysts may pull renal capsule, causing pain in kidney.

Kidney infection

Polycystic kidney disease patients are easy to get infections, especially when there is cyst rupture or bleeding. And kidney infection also can cause back pain.

Kidney stone

Kidney stones generally are painless — or relatively painless — as long as they remain in the kidneys. However,when stones move out of the kidneys, it may cause waves of sharp, intense pain.

Causes of bloody urine in PKD

Cyst rupture

When the cyst ruptures, it can break the small vessels on it, which can cause bleeding. And then patients can find blood in their urine.

Kidney damage

With the cysts growing large, it will interfere with kidney function gradually. When the glomeruli became inflammed and thickened, red blood cells will leak into urine, resulting in bloody urine.

Kidney stone

When the kidney stone moves out the kidney, it may lacerate the urinary tract, leading bleeding.

As there are many cause of back pain and bloody urine, so PKD patients should find the exact reason of their symptoms before they take any treatments. If you are not clear about this, please email us Have a nice day!

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