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How to Reduce Blood in the Urine for PKD Patients

2014-05-19 23:58| Font Size A A A

PKD patients may find blood in their urine. They don’t need to panic about this condition, since this is not a sign of fatal diseases.

There are some causes and management for this condition:

Inflammation in kidney

As the kidney cysts grow larger, they may cause kidney damage. Permeability of glomerular filtration membrane will increase, so some substances, like red blood cells will leak in the urine.

Cyst rupture

With the cysts growing, the risk of cyst rupture will increase. Once the cyst ruptures, the small blood vessels around the cysts also are affected and then patients can find blood in the urine.

Kidney stones

PKD patients are at higher risk of kidney stones, since they are acidic constitution, which is easy to form kidney stones. What’s more, some toxins building up in patients’ bodies also can increase the risk of kidney stones. Patients with kidney stone are susceptible to hematuria, because it may cut urethra or cyst wall and causing blood in the urine.

If the kidney cysts get controlled, the above conditions can get relieved or prevent, so PKD patients need to take measures to reduce blood in the urine.


Common requirements: Reduce salt intake, limit protein consumption, avoid potassium and phosphorus and take more vitamins and minerals.

Some specific notes: Stay away from fermented foods and irritating foods, which may stimulate the cysts to grow faster.


Ward off infections: With the cysts growing larger, patients are more susceptible to infections.

Avoid strenuous activity: PKD patients should avoid these activities, since overexertion may crush the cysts and then cause some serious complications.

Take good rest: Overwork not only can strain the kidney but also lower patients’ immunity.

Timely treatment: It is an important part for patients to control their diseases. Some effective treatment can help them in this condition, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy.

Follow the above advice, PKD patients can largely reduce the blood in the urine. Any help, contact our Online Doctors.

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