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Stomach Bloating in PKD Patients

2014-05-11 19:26| Font Size A A A

Stomach Bloating in PKD PatientsWith the progression of PKD, patients may suffer stomach bloating. There are three common reasons of this symptom and some advice to improve it.

Swelling in stomach

When kidney suffers damage, their glomeruli fail to filter the excess fluid, so fluid will build up in their bodies. In addition, due to proteinuria and restricted diet, patients may have hypoalbuminemia, which also is a contributing factor to swelling. When swelling develops into a severe condition, patients may suffer stomach bloating.

Enlarged kidney cysts

PKD is featured with numerous cysts in kidneys. If these cysts keep growing persistently, it may cause stomach bloating. It will oppress the nearby structures and cause stomach bloating.

Flatulence in stomach

Too much toxins in blood may affect the function of digestive system, and foods in stomach may decay with the effect of bacteria and gas produced in this process may cause stomach bloating.

All in all, the underlying cause of three conditions is PKD, so if the kidney disease gets controlled, this symptom can be largely improved. Patients can follow the advice below to make some change on their diets.

High quality protein

Foods with high quality protein can satisfy PKD patients’ protein requirements and if patients can keep it in a right amount, it will not put an extra burden on patients’ kidneys.

Low salt diet

Salt can affect patients in many ways, such as swelling, blood pressure and calcium absorption. Keeping a low salt diet can help patients alleviate symptoms in these aspects.

Right amount of water

If there is severe swelling, PKD patients should reduce the water intake to a right amount, while patients can drink more water to help them excrete toxins, if they don’t have edema.

Besides dietary therapy, proper exercises, healthy lifestyle and timely treatments are of equal importance. There are some effective treatments, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy. If you want more information about them, you can leave a message below.

We really hope the above contents can help PKD patients ease stomach bloating. Wish them a soon recovery!

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