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Is Fatigue A Sign of PKD

2014-05-03 19:22| Font Size A A A

Is Fatigue A Sign of PKDPeople with PKD can be plagued by many symptoms. However, is fatigue a sign of this inherited disorder?

PKD, short for polycystic kidney disease, refers to an illness condition featured with various cysts on both of the kidneys. Honestly speaking, fatigue can be caused by many factors. In the meantime, this sign can also be a result of this disease.

Why fatigure occur in PKD?

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs of our body, and they are endowed with many functions. For instance, produce a kind of hormone called EPO, which is associated with red blood cells.

However, in polycystic kidney disease, the enlarged cysts will put extra pressure on the surrounding renal tisssues. With time, these two blood-cleaners will not be able to secrete enough EPO. And that’s how fatigue occur. Except for this, pale look, dizziness, headache can also occur.

What are the effective methods for fatigue?

1. Dietary changes In this aspect, sufferers are suggested to pay attention to the supplements of folic acids and foods that are good sources of iron. If you want to get such a food list, feel free to consult with our online doctors!

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy From the above analysis, we can come to know the root cause of this sign is due to enlarged cysts, thereby, methods should be takent to shrink these cysts and preserve kidney function.

By inhibiting the secretion of cystic fluid, adjusting the internal-external pressure of cyst wall, promoting blood circulation, fighting against inflammation as well as supplying nutrients for the diseased kidneys, the treatment goal can be attained eventually. What’s more, each patient can get a personalized treatment plan according to the specific condition.

3. Drugs Additionally, some medications can also be helpful.

All in all, if there is any doubts about fatigue in PKD, you can leave us message for more info.

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