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Is It OK to Eat Juniper Berry for PKD Patients

2015-07-16 10:03| Font Size A A A

Is It OK to Eat Juniper Berry for PKD PatientsJuniper berry is favored by many people for its unique flavor, which has abundant nutrition for human’s body health. However, for PKD patients, they have to take full consideration. Because the presence of multiple cysts will damage kidney function, thus causing numerous discomforts and symptoms. Well then, is it OK to eat the berry for patients with polycystic kidney disease?

We all know Diet Therapy is also one of important parts of protecting remaining renal function. Actually, juniper berries have a wide variety of medical benefits, and they also can help patients deal with the following conditions:

1. Water-sodium retention

When the kidneys are not functioning properly, extra waster and toxins will build up in the body. If these substances cannot remove them from the body, they will induce swelling and hypertension due to water-sodium retention. Luckily, juniper berry is diuretic, which can be used to cleanse the kidneys and flush harmful toxins from the body. It can also alleviate uncomfortable symptoms.

2. Urinary tract infection and gout

Urinary tract infection and gout are  the common symptomsfor patients with polycystic renal cysts. Juniper berry contains the anti-inflammatory gents, which can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, gout, and even cardiovascular diseases. All these will be good for PKD patients to prevent the possible infections and inflammations, which can slow sown the progression of kidney failure.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney disease, hence, if PKD patients has long-term diabetes, they need to control their blood sugar level. The berries contain high level of insulin, which can help regulate blood sugar for patients, which can help protect kidney function from the root.

Through the above analysis, we can see that juniper berry can help control or relieve the related symptoms for PKD patients. But it’s my duty to tell you it is important to look for alternative treatments if you want to treat the disease from the root. Any questions, please email to us at renal-disease@hotmail.com, we will help you for free.

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