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Is it Good to Eat Apple for People with PKD

2014-02-02 17:27| Font Size A A A

We always say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Is it good to eat apple with PKD? To be honest, there is no an exact answer. It is up to your disease and physical condition.

The restriction in diet for PKD patients is so serious. Before you eat one certain food, you should consider whether it is good for your illness. So, the patients with PKD should keep a healthy diet in daily life. Let’s see whether apple is good for people with PKD or not.

Generally speaking, apple is good for people with PKD if you do not have the obvious symptoms of high blood pressure and diabetes.

※Apples contain much carbohydrate, most of them is sugar. We all know that sugar is the main source of energy. It can also help

detoxify. The body’s resistance to certain bacterial toxins will increase accordingly when hepatic glycogen in body is much. So enough sugar can protect kidney and keep the normal kidney function.

※Apples contain rich vitamin C and vitamin B1 which has the function of detoxifying and protecting kidney. It also can increase the immunity to against the disease.

※ Apple can remit the condition of anemia. Anemia is usually caused by the reduction of red blood cells. Luckily apple has rich iron which stimulate body to produce red blood cells. So we can say that apple is good for remitting anemia.

※Apple can ease constipation. Many people with PKD complain that they are experiencing constipation, which affects their daily life badly. Apple happens to contain much fiber that is used to regulate the bowel function.

In addition, apple also has the effect on reducing cholesterol and heart disease. And it can help lose weight and keep beauty.

Is it good to eat apple for people with PKD? Your own disease condition will tell you. If you do not know whether your PKD disease is allowed you to eat apple, you can send an email to or you can leave us a message below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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