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What Fruits Cannot Eat for PKD Patients

2014-02-01 16:35| Font Size A A A

What Fruits Cannot Eat for PKD Patients, PKDPKD patients are usually suggested to eat more fresh fruits. But not all fruits are in the range of your choice. You should notice the fruits what you cannot eat and avoid them. Follow me to see what fruits cannot eat for PKD patients.

A. Pineapple

Pineapple, also called bromeliad which is believed neutral in nature, taste acid. The sugar and enzyme contained in pineapple have the function of diuresis. So, this fruit is good for the patients with nephritis and high blood pressure. But its peel has rich bromelain which can dissolve fibrous protein and casein. So, you should limit the intake.

B. Tangerine

Tangerine is cool-natured. It’s not good for the patients with kidney stone and lithangiuria. Because it contains much vitamin C whose metabolite can form stone combined with calcium ion in your body. This will aggravate the condition of PKD.

C. Banana

Banana, with rich nutrition, is sweet and delicious. Unfortunately, it has much sodium which is restrained for PKD patients. If the people suffered from kidney dysfunction eat it too often, water-sodium retention will occur. The burden to the kidney from the outside world will increase and cause more kidney damage.

D. Pomegranate

Pomegranate, warm-natured, sour in taste. Its main ingredients are sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. We all know that PKD patients are not suggested to eat high-protein and high-fat foods. To make matters worse, pomegranate has the abuse of helping get inflamed and producing phlegm. The foods for people experienced urinary tract infection should light, so pomegranate is forbidden to take for PKD patients.

It is impossible to make a whole fruits list that PKD patients can not eat here. If you do not know what else fruits you can not eat or whether a certain fruit is good for your disease, you can consult our online doctor, they will make a detailed explanation for you.

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