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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet﹠Fitness

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Keeping your kidneys as healthy as possible can help prevent certain complications of Polycystic kidney disease. Proper Diet﹠Fitness management helps keep your internal environment balanced and helps live better with PKD. We have developed a list of concerns about PKD Diet﹠Fitness for your information.

PKD Diet

Dietary strategies play an important role in PKD management. If you happen to be a patient with PKD, you are suggested to take a low-protein diet, which can help slow the progression of kidney damage. How much protein do you need to take? It depends on your kidney damage stage, weight, symptoms, gender, age etc. For example, for patients with PKD stage 3, they may be suggested to take 0.8g/KG/day protein. If you want to know a personalized protein intake recommendation, you can email you basic information to for a free reply.

As kidney functions decline, the kidneys are less able to regulate the levels of potassium ans phosphorus levels. And experts may suggest PKD patients to follow a low-phosphorus and low-potassium diet. However, not everyone with PKD will have to follow such a diet. You can send your medical condition descriptions to us, and we are glad to help you to find out whether such a diet is needed and how much of these minerals you can safely eat.

PKD Fitness

Many fitness are suggested for patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease, such as running, jogging, swimming, walking, golfing, biking and rowing etc. However, contact sports seem never a good choice for patients. This is why PKD patients are suggested to keep far away from football, basketball etc. These ball game may blow to your enlarged kidneys, causing cyst burst.

Besides, patients with PKD may be given other recommendations to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

- Reduce stress in your life: Stress causes cysts to grow faster by elevating adrenaline.

- Get your Omega-3's: Studies with rats show that ingestion of omega 3 fatty acids helps reduce inflammation and slows the progression of PKD.

- Watch the caffeine. Caffeine may hasten the progression of PKD by elevating blood pressure.

There are the rough tips for PKD Diet﹠Fitness. If you have an interest to the detailed list of healthy lifestyle based on your own condition. You are suggested to Make An Appointment with us. And we are glad to draft a personalized list for you.

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