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Taboos in Diet for PKD Patients

2013-10-25 17:13| Font Size A A A

Polycystic kidney disease is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases, affecting an estimated 12.5 million people worldwide. Recently, there is no specific drug for PKD in the world. After the discovery, what we can do is only adopt conservative treatment. If we pay attention to diet taboo and keep good habits in life, it might be helpful in delaying the disease and protecting renal function. Thus, what are the taboos in diet for PKD patients?

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1. Soy and soy products

Although soybeans not only contain high quality plant protein but also contains purines which will aggravate kidney disease.

2. Tobacco and alcohol

It is strictly prohibited to tobacco and alcohol, especially beer. Decomposition of alcohol was mainly through the kidneys and liver. Alcohol would result in grave damage to liver and kidney. Besides, they also have a bad effect on blood pressure. Therefore, patients with PKD must give up smoking and drinking.

3. High folic acid material

PKD patients are often associated with calculi. Food contains high folic acid may aggravate the development of the stone. Therefore, food like spinach and banana is restricted.

4. Excessive protein

Excessive protein intake may heavier the burden on the kidneys. PKD patients are suggested to eat half an egg every day.

5. High fat food

Pathological changes of kidney and blood pressure tends to be complementary to each other.

6. High salt food

Low salt diet is helpful to the control of blood pressure.

7. Spicy food

Spicy food such as ginger, star anise, and chili stimulate the growth of cyst.

8. Seafood

Such food can make the cyst becomes bigger.

9. Supplements

Supplements can promote the development of capsule.

10. Caffeine drinks

Caffeine increase cell proliferation and cystic fluid secretion.

People would benefit from a good habit. PKD patients can get a better medical treatment based on these good habits on diet. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is designed to repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. It has received remarkable effect. If you want to know more information about this therapy, please email to to get a reply.

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