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Is Radish Good for PKD Patients

2015-04-01 10:25| Font Size A A A

Is Radish Good for PKD PatientsDiet cannot cure Polycystic Kidney Disease but it can help control or slow down the progression of illness condition. Therefore, a balanced eating plan is important for patients’ health. Well then, is radish good for PKD patients?

PKD is marked with multiple fluid-filled cysts inside or outside of the kidneys. With the growth and increase of cysts, patients are more likely to suffer from numerous condition like high blood pressure, urinary tract infection, back pain, nausea, vomiting and so on. In the condition, patients should have a friendly-kidney diet so as to protect kidney from the further damage. The nutrition within radish indeed can be beneficial for the PKD patients’ health.

1. Strengthen immune system

Polycystic kidney disease patients are prone to suffer from low immunity. The radish is a very healthy and green vegetable and it is a good source of vitamin C which can rejuvenate the immune system and protect every illness from the common cold to cancer.

2. Lowering high blood pressure

Radish contains rich potassium, which has been connected to lowering blood pressure, because it can reduce the accumulated sodium in the blood and relax the blood vessels. But what I want to express that patients should reduce or avoid eating it if their kidney damage is in the advanced stage of kidney disease, so as to prevent hyperkalemia.

3. Natural diuretic

It can help wash away the wastes and toxins that build up in the kidneys and decrease the accumulation of toxins in blood. In addition, it can increase your urine output, so as to can help clean out your kidneys as well as inhibit infections. From the view, it also can help treat varioys urinary conditions which my be made by deposition of toxins.

Through the above analysis, we can see that radish has abundant nutrients to the body for PKD patients. If you want to get more friendly-kidney diet suggestions, you can keep in touch with our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly and we will do our best to help you!

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