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Can PKD Patients Eat Black Fungus

2014-05-22 09:27| Font Size A A A

Can PKD Patients Eat Black FungusIn daily life, people with PKD should know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. As a common vegetable, black fungus is enjoyed by most of the people. Then, can PKD patients eat black fungus?

According to the research, this vegetable is loaded with many elements, such as protein, carbohydrate, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Firstly, let us have a look at its benefits:

Prevent anemia The iron content of this food is 20 times than that of spinach, and eating it in moderation can help prevent anemia, which can be commonly seen in polycystic kidney disease patients.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease Medical researchers prove that it can help fight against blood clotting, antithrombus, lower blood lipid level, soften blood vessels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dissolve kidney stones It contains certain amount of plant alkaloid, which can help lubricate the intestine and dissolve kidney stones.

Even if black fungus can benefit polycystic kidney disease patients a lot, they still need to know how much they can eat. If you have no idea about this, please consult with our Online Doctor now!

In daily life, sufferers also need to pay attention to other aspects of the diet. For example, low-salt, low-fat, high-fiber, low-quantity but high-quality protein, etc.

Let’s take protein for example, generally, to reduce the workload of kidneys, kidney disease patients are requested to limit its amount within 0.6-0.8g/kg per day. And the specific amount should be in accordance with the illness condition. In the meanwhile, they had better choose some high-quality protein foods, which can be found in egg white, milk, fish, lean meat and so on. For more info, please click here What is the Healthy Diet for Patients with PKD.

All in all, PKD Patients can eat black fungus in moderation. If you still have anything unclear, please fill in the form below!

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