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Can PKD Patients Drink Alcohol

2014-05-12 20:56| Font Size A A A

Can PKD Patients Drink AlcoholAlcohol is indispensable for some occasions, such as parties or gatherings. However, can PKD patients drink this beverage?

There are many kinds of alcohol around the world, like spirit, wine and beer. They have different constituents and different effects. Here, you can get a comprehensive message about them.


The main content of spirit is ethyl alcohol and water, accounting for 98% to 99% of the total. The other ingredients, like acid, ester, and aldehyde, just add fragrance to spirit but almost are useless to our bodies. If patients drink it improperly for a long-term, it may cause alcoholic cirrhosis. And this disease can aggravate some symptoms of PKD patients, such as anemia, swelling, poor appetite and malnutrition.

Thus, spirit is not recommended to PKD patients.


Barley malt, humulus lupulus, yeast and water are the main ingredient of beer. Beer is known as “liquid bread”, as it is high in calories---one liter of beer is equal to 200 g bread and 500 g potato. And it also contains 17 amino acids and 12 vitamins. If patients are short of calories, beer can provide enough energy for them. However, if drink too much it can produce too fat in patients’ bodies.

Therefore, patients should take right amount of beer, while if PKD patients have high blood fat level, beer is not a good choice for them.


Wine is low in alcohol, but rich in vitamins and some minerals, such as manganese, zinc and selenium. It can help patients lower blood viscosity so as to reduce the risk of thrombus and arteriosclerotic.

Relatively speaking, wine is healthier than other two kinds of alcohol. Patients can drink right amount of wine to boost their health.

For PKD patients, whether they can drink alcohol or not is determined by their conditions. If you have any doubts about this, you can turn to our Online Doctor for help.

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