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Polycystic Kidney Disease with GFR 12%: Is Dialysis Needed

2014-01-14 23:20| Font Size A A A

Polycystic kidney disease(PKD) progresses slowly over a period of years. The GFR declines with the progression of the disease. When GFR declines to 12%, the disease may have already developed into kidney failure. Then is dialysis needed in this condition?

At normal circumstance, you will be told in end-stage kidney failure with GFR 12%. The cysts have already severely damaged kidneys. Kidneys almost fail to do their jobs.

Dialysis acts as an artificial kidney, which functions to remove the extra toxins, water and electrolyte in blood. It used when kidneys are no longer able to well perform. It can help alleviate the symptoms and control the primary disease. Also it can slow down the progression of the disease. Usually, dialysis will be suggested when GFR drops below 15%. But it is not for sure. This should also depend on your specific conditions.

You may suffer from high creatinine levels with GFR 12%. But dialysis is not needed unless you are accompanied by obvious symptoms, like itchy skin, nausea, vomits, muscle cramps, sleepiness and so on.

However, dialysis is not needed even if your creatinine level is too high in the following circumstance. That is you are not troubled by serious primary disease and obvious symptoms.

Your doctor will suggest you to do dialysis immediately if you are tested with high potassium level and it is beyond 6.5mmol/l. If you have metabolic acidosis and the PH is below 1.2, dialysis is needed.

What is your condition now? If you want specific suggestion about whether polycystic kidney disease with GFR 12% need dialysis or not, you can send your medial report to, the kidney doctor will give you a reply in detail. Good luck to you! Any questions, send to me at any time!

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