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How Long Can I Live with PKD on Dialysis

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How Long Can I Live with PKD on DialysisPolycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) is characterized by cystic genetic disorder of the kidneys. Multiple cysts will appear in both kidneys. This disease is troublesome and some patients may ask “how long can I live with PKD on dialysis?

PKD is a slowly progressed kidney disease. Kidney failure is the advanced stage of PKD. There will be numerous cysts filled with fluid in the kidney. These cysts will increase and enlarge to affect the normal work of kidney. Many patients have to rely on dialysis to sustain their life.

Is dialysis work for PKD?

When the illness progress into kidney failure, patients have nothing to do but rely on dialysis. Why dialysis is needed? Because kidney is not able to discharge the waste and toxins out and they will buildup in blood, threatening the health of kidney and even other organs. Dialysis serves as an artificial kidney to discharge the waste and toxins out. It indeed can sustain the life of patients with PKD. But it is not the long-term solution.

How long can I live with PKD on dialysis?

Actually, dialysis is just a replacement method, though it can prolong the lifespan of patients with PKD, no exact number exists because many other factors should be taken into consideration, such as the complications, the diet arrangement and the health condition of individual.

There is a general statistic about the lifespan on dialysis. About 80% PKD patients on dialysis can go through 1 more year and 64% two years, 33% can extend five years and only 10% can go through 10 years. But this is different from case to case.

How long can you live with PKD on dialysis depends on many factors and dialysis is just the temporary method to sustain life. To maintain a longer and better life, you must turn to other alternatives. What method can better help dealing with PKD after all? By leaving a message below or contacting the online doctors, you can find the answers!

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