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High Creatinine Level in PKD

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PKD is a common genetic kidney disease and characterized by virous of cysts inside or outside the kidney. These cysts can enlarge and increase to damage kidney function. Creatinine level will be elevated with the progression of the illness. High creatinine level in PKD is commonly seen.

What’s the relationship between PKD and high creatinine level?

Since PKD is a progressive kidney disease, the enlargement and increase of the cysts will squeeze each other and suppress other tissues in kidney. Kidney function is affected. When the cysts blow up, the fluids in them will permeate into other part and it is easy to cause inflammation.

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscles, which should be removed from the blood through glomerular. With kidney damage, the glomerular fails to filtrate creatinine, as a result, the creatinine will build up in the blood and high creatinine level appears.

What’s the treatment for high creatinine level in PKD?

Firstly, eating a healthy diet is necessary. Though diet cannot cure PKD and high creatinine level, it can help reduce the progression of the illness and prevent creatinine level from going up higher. You can consult the online doctor for the correct diet for free.

Secondly, shrinking cysts can protect the residual kidney from being affected and preserve kidney function. But you should find the correct method to shrink cysts for with unproper method, the illness will aggravate and the creatinine level will not be lower but may be elevated.

Thirdly, the root reason of high creatinine level in PKD is the damaged kidney. So the fundamental method to this symptom is to improve kidney function. Here, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. It is an effective and externally used therapy. Through an osmosis device, the active herbal ingredients will be brought to the kidney lesions with the help of blood circulation. During the therapeutic process, patients will surfer no discomforts and there is no complication with this therapy. Once the kidney function is improved, high creatinine level will be lowered spontaneously.

To lower high creatinine level in PKD, you should find the root causes and take measures accordingly. If you are PKD patients with high creatinine level, you can send an email to, the kidney experts will reply as soon as possible!

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