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Is Harmful to Workout with an Enlarged Kidney

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Is Harmful to Workout with an Enlarged Kidney
In the past, patients with kidney damage are suggested to have a lot of rest, on the contrary, the result is not very good and patients will feel much weak. If they do exercises, they may worry about side effects. Is really harmful to workout with an enlarged kidney?

For the question, that needs to depend on the type of exercises, your specific illness condition, age and gender. All of the factors can affect your options. Nowadays, patients with moderate kidney damage are suggested to do some moderate exercises. In other words, you can do some moderate exercises with the enlarged kidneys. But it’s my duty to tell you the following things:

1. Consult your healthy provider before you design exercise plan.

2. Quit intensive and strenuous or body contact exercises.

3. Some moderate and aerobic exercise like Tai Chi, yoga, jogging and so on.

4. Even though you can do exercise yoga, Tai Chi, there are some considerations you should pay attention to. Because some gestures like bending, stretching, pushing, etc, will oppress the enlarged kidney, causing worsen illness condition like inflammation, blood urine, high blood pressure and so on.

5. Manage your exercise time and have a rest regularly.

Through the above analysis, we can see that we can see that some exercise has many benefits to patients which not only can strengthen immune system but also can enhance your immunity. If you want to know more detailed info, please be free to contact us: renal-disease@hotmail.com or talk with our Online Doctors directly.

An enlarged kidney is a condition in which a kidney is larger than its normal size. There are a number of reasons for enlarged kidneys, from Polycystic Kidney Disease to infection, tumors, urine reflux, hydronephrosis due to kidney stones, etc. Along with the illness condition, there are some symptoms and if you are suffering from more than 2 symptoms mentioned, please pay attention and seek for possible treatment as soon as possible. Here I prefer recommending Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. 

Back pain



Changes in urination

Kidney Stones

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