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Who Are Prone to Suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

2014-12-27 16:33| Font Size A A A

Who Are Prone to Suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a kind of inherited disease characterized by multiple cysts growing in the kidneys. It is one of leading causes to lead to Kidney Failure or ESRD (end-stage renal disease). Here we will talk about the topic “ who are prone to suffer from PKD”. If you are interested in it, please read on.

According to some researches, we have made a conclusion and there are several conditions can lead to the kidney lesion.

1. People who have family history of PKD.

As I said at the beginning, polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease. If you have a family history of PKD, then, you are at high risk of getting the disease again. What’s more, the disease is often accompanied with polycystic liver, liver cysts, splenic cyst, pancreatic cyst, cerebral aneurysm, abdominal aneurysm and digestive diverticulum and so on. All of them can worsen illness condition. Therefore, when you or your family numbers have the diseases mentioned above, you should pay more attention to your kidney healthy and prevent polycystic kidney disease.

2. People who are in bad environment for a long time.

PKD is very easy to occur when people are staying the polluted environment. In addition, if people often contact or touch the toxic chemicals (including taking Nephrotoxicity medicines by oral) or ray, they are prone to suffer from the disorder.

3. Bad emotions

Bad emotions such as long-term excessive depression or anxiety also can lead to the disease.

4. Excessive fatigue

Excessive fatigue include excessive physical labour, excessive brain work and lack of exercises or improper exercises can lead to multiple cysts on the kidney.

5. Frequent back pain, abdominal pain

If patients suffer from constant back pain, abdominal pain and they experience the unexplained high blood pressure and abnormal renal function, they should pay special attention to kidney health.

6. People who often suffer from blood in urine or protein in urine belong to susceptive group.

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