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How Long Can I Live With Polycystic Kidney Disease

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How Long Can I Live With Polycystic Kidney DiseaseAs Polycystic Kidney Disease develops, the kidney cyst will enlarge gradually. As a final result, it will damage the kidneys, which may affect patient’s life quality and life span. How long can you live with Polycystic Kidney Disease? Follow me and find the answer right now! (it is necessary for me to tell you that we offer free online service that you can find in the lower right conner of the page. Any question, you can consult our free online doctor.)

How long can I live with Polycystic Kidney Disease?

As for the lifespan of PKD, it is a hot tissue among patients and the answer will differ from person to person. If you are diagnosed with ADPKD, you may can live an average lifespan, that is, about 50 years old. For babies with ARPKD, they may die within hours or days. For the lucky one, they may live to their teenager age. To know the personalized answer based on your own condition, there are certain tests can help to estimate a rough lifespan of PKD. If you need the test list, you can email to for a free answer.

Even though it is hard to find an exact answer of your lifespan, experts have already found the leading factor which affect how long you can live, that is, treatment, complication, lifestyle.


Treatment is the first leading factor that affects the lifespan of PKD patient. The treatment goal should aim at the cysts on the kidneys. Only the cysts are controlled, your kidney damage will be alleviated spontaneously. Many patients may choose surgery. However, surgery only can remove a few number of cysts. Recent years, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy spreads in patients. It uses specific herbs that can shrink kidney cysts both in size and in number naturally. If you have interest, you are suggested to read the following Patient Story: Kishor Sainiju was a patient with PKD for over 20 years. Before he came to China, his largest cyst is 14cm. When he checked out of our hospital, his cyst shrinked to 10.5cm. Continue to read Kishor Sainiju’s story.

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