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A Patient Story of Lupus Nephritis

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Name: Lifang

Gender: Female

Age: 42 years old

Country: China

Diagnosis: V+IV Lupus Nephritis

Why come to our hospital? Before hospitalization, she suffered from intermittent joint pain and skin rash for about 7 years. In the meanwhile, she was plagued by systemic edema for 2 moths. Additionally, other discomforts include poor sleep, nausea, vomiting and distended abdomen. Blood pressure 180/120mm Hg, body weight 59.8kg.

Diagnosis: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus(SLE), Lupus Nephritis(V+IV), Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension.

Treatments: anti-hypertensive drugs to control blood pressure; prednisone tablets 30mg every morning to increase the colloid osmotic pressure; furosemide to act as a diuretic; plasma exchange to eliminate antibodies and inflammatory factors; Hot Compress Therapy and Mai Kang He Ji to invigorate qi and nourish blood and improve the body immunity.

Analysis of condition:

Before Later

Hemoglobin 89g/L 96g/L

Red blood cell count 2.90×1012/L 3.09×1012/L

Urine protein +++ +++

Occult blood + -

R-WBC 4-7/HPF 0-2/HPF

R-RBC 2-3/HPF 0-1/HPF

Total protein 39.8g/L 43.8g/L

Albumin 19g/L 25g/L

High blood pressure 180/120mmHg 130/90mmHg

Appetite poor good

Swelling systemic edema disappeared edema in both lower limbs

Ascites and pleural effusion large amount disappear

Changes in body weight:


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