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I Get A Second Life in China

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I Get A Second Life in ChinaName: Buyan

Gender: female

Age: 54

Country: Mongolia

Diagnose: Kidney dysfunction after kidney transplant, Renal anemi, Hyperuricemia, High blood pressure

Narrate by herself:

“ I am a patients with kidney disease for 36 years and I cannot imagine how I get over in the 36 years.

I am 18 years old that year when I was informed of getting kidney disease. In one physical examination by accident, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and the highest level had reached 220/120mmHg. The bilateral kidneys began to shrunk and the creatinine went up to 700umol/L. When I was told that I am in danger of losing my life at any time, I was going to crash. I did not want to leave my family.

My doctor told me that there is no better choice but to do dialysis and kidney transplant if my illness condition worsens.

14 years ago, I received a kidney transplant. I thought that I have started a new life and stayed away from kidney disease. But to my disappointment, the nightmare have reoccurred 14 years later. My transplanted kidney was damaged again.

I know that I cannot bear the rejection reaction of another kidney transplant. I must find a method to save my kidney. But the hospitals in Mongolia cannot deal with my condition. Then I came to China because I went to Chinese natural medicine on the internet by chance. I learned that the Chinese medicines have a good effect on treating kidney disease.

After taking treatments in China, my blood pressure is stable now and the edema of lower limbs is relieved. My attending doctor tells me that once my residual kidney function is restored, I can avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. I really appreciate the lovely medical staff in China.

The medical staff treat me as the family and they make me the perfect treatment plant after I return home. They call me every week to get better known of my illness condition. I believe that I am given a second life in China.”

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