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A Patient Story with Polycystic Kidney Disease

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A Patient Story with Polycystic Kidney DiseaseName: Mahmud

Country: Iraq

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Disease: Polycystic Kidney Disease

Mahmud has suffered from polycystic kidney disease for many years. There is no effective treatment for polycystic kidney disease in his country. The only way offered to him is to accept kidney transplant at last. So he decided to come to China to seek for better treatment.

The followings are the basic condition of him when he just came to China.

He got poor sleep quality at night and often woke up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the monning. Becasue it is hard for him to fall asleep again, he was upset and made phone calls to his families or friends.

He also experienced a poor appetite. Also, he had no mood to eat. Due to anemia, he is very weak and with pale complexion.

The creatinine level is 370umol/L and the blood pressure was elevated to 150/90mmHg.

After taking treatments in China for a period of time, he has got a great improvement.

Now he gets a good sleep quality. He goes to bed at 10 every night and gets up at 6 in the morning. The appetite is also increased and he is in a good look now. What makes him and the doctors happy is that the creatinine level decreases to 320umol/L and the blood pressure drops to 140/90mmHg. The hemoglobin is close to normal.

After taking treatment in China for more than one month, he was discharged from hospital on January 2, 2014. When he returns to his home, he also adheres to a resonable diet and take orally-taken Chinese medicine according to doctor’s orders. One day, he made a phone call to his doctor in China and shared a good news, that is his creatinine level was brought down to 290umol/L and the blood pressure returned to normal level of 120/80mmHg. He said that he can’t wait to share the good news. Now Mahmud’s condition is getting better and better and he lives a happy life!

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