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Patient Story: PKD and PLD

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Patient Story: PKD and PLDKishor Sainiju was a patient with PKD for over 20 years. Before he came to China, his largest cyst is 14cm. When he checked out of our hospital, his cyst shrinked to 10.5cm. He said to us:”this is really the most surprising present for me in China! I love China!”

Thanks for Kishor Sainju that he allowed us to share his story here.

Name: Kishor Sainju

Gender: Male

Age: 62 Years Old

Country: Nepal

Diagnosis: Polycystic Kidney Disease, Polycystic Liver Disease

Kishor Sainju’s Story:

Kishor Sainju has suffered from polycystic kidney disease for over 20 years. What a pity, he was also affected by polycystic liver disease later on. “each of my kidneys are larger than 20cm (normal size is 10~12cm), due to my cysts.” He said:” I can feel the cysts, when I put my hand on my stomach.”

When Come to Our Hospital:

When he and his wife checked in our hospital, his doctors team arrange him a full examination. After analysis on his medical condition, his doctors team gave a personalized treatment plan which got Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Dialysis and Mai Kang He Ji involved.

Conditions After Treatment:

He was hospitalized for 26 days in China. “I feel the cysts are not as hard as before, when I touched my stomach.” Kishor Sainju said.

  Largest Cyst on Kidney Creatinine BUN Largest Cyst on Liver Urine Output
Before-Treatment 14cm 9.0mg/dL 34.2mmol/L 3.0cm 800 ml
After-Treatment 10.5cm 3.0mg/dL 12.3mmol/L 2.2cm 1250ml

When he got his lab test result after his 26-days treatment, he was very excited. He held his wife in his arms and said:”you see it? This is really the most surprising present for me in China! I love China!”

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