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“Your Osmotherapy Gives Me Hope to Get Rid of Dialysis!”--A Kidney Failure Patient

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kidney failure patient storyBocas Nancoo, is a Kidney Failure patients, who comes from Trinidad and Tobago. Before he came to our hospital, he needed to be on dialysis 3 times per week. After 29-days treatment in our hospital, he reduced his dialysis frequence to 2 times per week.

Thanks for Bocas, who allowed us to share his story here.

Name: Bacos Nancoo

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Home Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Bocas’ Story:

Due to enlarged prostate, Bocas’s kidneys failed and he needed to be on on dialysis 3 times per week. He was tired of continuous dialysis, which made him to find alternative ways all the time.

Choosing Our Hospital:

“ I came across your website and I was attracted by Osmotherapy. I want to know if the treatment will work for me and help me get rid of dialysis.” This was how Bocas Nancoo contacted our staff--Dr. Alice.

It was not a easy decision for him to start his medical tour. “ I have interests in osmotherapy, but I feel worried about its effects and cost. I write a very long email to Dr. Alice about my worries. She gave me a reply the next day and I got confidence from her words. She explained all the problems. So I book two tickets to China.”

When He Arrived At Our Hospital:

When he and his wife checked in our hospital, we arranged him a medical consultation of experts group. After analysis of his current condition, experts group gave him a treatment plan which got Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Purification and Medicated Bath involved.

Conditions After Treatment:

  Dialysis Need Creatinine Urine Output Kidney Size
Before Treatment 3 Times Per Week 497umol/L 500~800ml 7cm
After Treatment Twice Per Week 204umol/L 1600 ml 8.6cm

 Life Now:

After Bocas Nancoo checked out our hospital, he and his wife went to Beijing for a tour. Dr. Alice got email from him the next day. In the letter, Bocas wrote:

“I and Mama went to The Great Wall, Ti’an Men Square and The Forbidden City. I am happy to tell you that I am feeling much better than before the treatment. The urine has come back to its original colour sometimes it has a high smell and sometimes no smell, so I am monitoring it very closely."

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