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Tima Kaeyo, CKD Stage 5, From PNG

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Tima Kaeyo suffered from Diabetic Nephropathy, whose kidney damage developed into end stage of kidney disease in his home country. After treatment in our hospital, he got a great improvement with his creatinine level from 13mg/dl to 2.4mg/dl.

Thanks for Tima Kaeyo that he allowed us to share his story here.

Tima Kaeyo, CKD Stage 5, From PNGName: Tima Kaeyo

Diagnosis: Diabetic Nephropathy, CKD Stage 5

Age: 59

Home Country: Papua New Guinea

Tima’s Story:

“the most important thing in my life is living with my family.” Tima admits shyly. That’s why when Tima’s local doctor diagnosed him with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and told him nothing more could be done besides Kidney Transplant, he told his doctor: “I have family. I’am not giving up!”.

He saw many doctors in his home country. Firstly, he began his dialysis in Manila, but his condition did’t show any improvement, so he was suggested to take kidney transplant. Then, Tima come back to PNG and he failed to find a suitable donor, which made him desperate.

Choosing Our Hospital:

Luckily, he got to know about our hospital from a man from Singapore, whose father’s in law get a satisfied treatment from us. After consultation on our website, he was attracted by many alternative treatments provided by our hospital, other than dialysis or kidney transplant.

When He Came To Our Hospital:

From the moment, Tima checked into our hospital, his team of doctors worked together to develop treatment plan customized for him. After a whole examination of his medical condition, his expert team gave him a combined treatment plan which got Micro-Chinese Mediicne Osmotherapy, Dialysis and Medicated Bath involved.

After He Received Our Treatment:

After about 2-month treatment in our hospital, Tima got a overturn in his kidney damage. Here is the detailed information. 

  creatinine BUN UA Ca HgB
Before Treatment 13mg\dL 33.5mmol/l 592 umol/l  Ca:2.64 mmol/l 111mg/L
After Treatment

4.6(before dialysis)

2.4(after dialysis)

33.5(before dialysis)

7.6(after dialysis)

470(before dialysis)

182(after dialysis)

2.43 mmol/l(before dialysis) 115mg/L

Life Now:

Tima and his daughter checked out of our hospital in last week. He wrote a thanks letter to us. In this letter, he wrote: “by the grace of God, we found out about Your Kidney Disease Hospital and I am very happy that I made the decision to come here. After I received the treatment, i am delighted to say "bye-bye, dialysis!"

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