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Kidney Failure and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Creatinine Reduced from 1502 to 494

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Kidney Failure and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Creatinine Reduced from 1500 to 400On 27th, April, a kidney failure patients with gastrointestinal bleeding came to our hospital. When he just came, he was in semi comatose state with a serious condition. Since the patient was really in a severe and dangerous situation, so our expert made urgent consultation and treatment plan for him. Finally, his disease was controlled, and the patient was safe now. Let’s this patient story happened in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

Mr. Luo came to hospital for treatment due to a cold. Then he was checked with proteinuria, hematuria, and elevated creatinine level, and he was diagnosed with chronic glomerular nephritis, chronic kidney failure. After that, he started his treatment with western medicines. Since he didn’t have any obvious and severe symptoms, so he didn’t pay attention with his disease and got no further consultation with the doctor.

3 days ago before he came to our hospital, he suddenly got melena, and he was already in a semi comatose state when he came to our hospital. After taken systematic checkups in hospital, his reports showed proteinuria -, hematuria 2+, serum creatinine 1502 umol/L, BUN 62.8 mmol/L, uric acid 609 umol/L, potassium 6.41 mmol/L, positive fecal occult blood test, and he has more than 12 years illness history of hypertension, which is as high as 180/110 mmHg. He was diagnosed with chronic glomerular nephritis, kidney failure, renal anemia, primary hypertension, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, hyperpotassemia.
Kidney Failure and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Creatinine Reduced from 1500 to 400

Patient was really in a dangerous condition with too much toxins and wastes in body, and the metabolic acidosis can lead to respiratory failure. In addition, patient suffered from so many severe complications, which can be life-threatening for him. So, we should first keep the life safe of the patient. So our expert team held urgent medical consultation to make treatment plan for him. Depending on his case, we gave reducing blood pressure, removing toxin and protecting kidneys treatment.

After taking hemodialysis and characteristic Toxin-Removing Treatment, his condition got great improvements. His creatinine level was reduced to 494, and the gastrointestinal bleeding has been stopped. Besides, the metabolic acidosis has been regulated as well. Most important thing, now his appetite improved after 4 days not eating.
Kidney Failure and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Creatinine Reduced from 1500 to 400

After taking about 2 weeks, his condition got better and better, so he can discharge from hospital and take further treatment at home. Kidney failure is not the most terrible thing, the most horrible thing is the series of complications. So patients should concern about their complications and take urgent treatment to improve the life span.

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