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Does Blood Urine Mean Kidney Failure

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One day, when you saw your urine becomes dark red, what will you think? When Mrs. Yu saw her blood urine, she became very scared, and she thought whether the gross blood urine means kidney failure for her. Let’s see her story in following article.

In fact, for kidney disease patients, gross blood urine is not as severe as kidney failure, but it means kidney function has been reduced gradually. In addition, it can also affect the illness condition of patients, which can lead to following symptoms, like high blood pressure, anemia, kidney function injury, increased proteinuria, etc. Therefore, once you found gross blood urine, you should take certain treatment as soon as possible.

Mrs. Yu found swelling and blood urine one year ago, and she went to local hospital to get antibiotic treatment. As we know, most of the antibiotics are renal toxicity, and her condition got no improvements after treatment, but became worse and worse day by day. Then she changed another hospital in her city, but got no results after taking kidney biopsy. So she decided to come to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital to get accurate diagnosis and receive Chinese medicine treatment without kidney biopsy.
Does Blood Urine Mean Kidney Failure

When Mrs. Yu just came to our hospital, her blood urine was very serious, just like dark soy sauce. In her urine test, it showed the red blood cells were as high as 3151.3/ul in her urine. In this circumstances, just taking oral medicines cant help control her disease. In order to get good curative effects, the doctor arranged Chinese medicine foot bath and hot compress therapy to help remove the wastes out from blood and repair damaged glomerular basement membrane. During the process of treatment, Mrs. Yu’s Urine got obvious improvements. At early time, there were cotton-like wastes removed from her urine, and urine color became not as red as before. With the deep treatment, her urine became clear without wastes and blood.
Does Blood Urine Mean Kidney Failure

After about 17 days treatment, her urine got great improvements, and the red blood cells in her urine became less, it was about 910.7/ul, the proteinuria and hematuria were also reduced well.
Does Blood Urine Mean Kidney Failure

With further and systematic treatment, Mrs. Yu got great curative effects, and she can avoid the possible complication due to blood urine and protect her kidneys. Therefore, when you saw blood in your urine, you should take early test and treatment to stop it, then you can get a better prognosis. If you want to learn more, you can send e-mail to, or whatsapp +8613633219293, we can give more help.

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