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Chronic Kidney Failure And Creatinine 651: Take Dialysis Or Not

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Chronic Kidney Failure And Creatinine 651: Take Dialysis Or NotDandan is a 22 years old college student from Sichuan province. Last year, she found that her legs swollen, so she went to Shanghai Pudong hospital for checkup, and she was diagnosed with high creatinine 650 umol/L. Doctor suggested her to start dialysis, however, she refused. Then whether chronic kidney failure patients with high creatinine 651 should take dialysis or not. Let’s learn Dandan’s story in this article.

In order to get other treatment, Dandan went to The people's Liberation Army Hospital, and her serum creatinine was as high as 894 umol/L. Doctor also asked her to take dialysis, and she didn’t refuse this time. Because the high creatinine level was very dangerous for her, which can be life-threatening. After taking dialysis treatment for 15 days, and her condition got well controlled. She decided to leave hospital.

With the introduction of her friend, she came to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital for the Chinese medicine treatment.

When Dandan just came to hospital, she looked very weak, and she had symptoms like dizziness, fatigue and weakness, difficult breathing. In addition, her 24h UPr showed 3.26g with high serum creatinine 651 umol/L, and both of her kidneys have showed atrophic.

After analyzing her illness condition, we can see that her severe symptoms are mainly caused by high creatinine and too much toxins accumulating in her blood. Although dialysis can lower high creatinine, but it cant relieve these symptoms well. Dandan chose our hospital, because she wanted to control her symptoms, and she also want to try whether Chinese treatment can help her stop dialysis.

The doctor said Chinese medicine treatment can help control her symptoms well. However, she may need a long time to stop dialysis, so she need to be patient. Therefore, Dandan decided to take the systematic Chinese treatment and cooperate with the doctor's treatment, and she believes that she can be well soon.

After taking systematic Chinese treatment for about one week, all of her uncomfortable symptoms have been controlled well, and she became energetic. It is mainly due to the good curative effects of foot bath and full bath treatment, because these therapies can help her remove the toxins and wastes out effectively.

With the Chinese treatment for 15 days, her serum creatinine level reduced to 319 umol/L without dialysis. Dandan was very satisfied with the curative effects, and she said she will take continue treatment to improve her condition. She believes that she can be better and better.

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