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“What preparation should I make If I decide to come to here for the treatment?”. Many foreign patients will ask the question. Now, everything is listed below. Any questions, please call me directly, (). I am glad to help you.


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Two-Round of Chinese Treatment Help Me A Lot

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Two-Round of Chinese Treatment Help Me A Lot Name: Peter

Age: 61

Gender: Male

Diagnosis: Polycystic Kidney Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Enlargement

Experiences before coming to our hospital.

He said that he did not realize he was also sick with PKD until his elder sister died of Kidney Failure caused by PKD. It is a genetic disease which cause many cysts growing on the kidneys. Along with cysts’ growth, patients are painful and symptomatic. However, in the local area, there are not effective treatments for his conditions. What he can do was just to do regular physical examination and take some oral medicines. Once by chance, he went on a business trip to China and came to our hospital. He told us that his creatinine level has increased to 280umol/L (3.1-3.2mg/dL) and he has a bloating abdomen.

Admission in our hospital at the first time.

Due to busy schedule, he was hospitalized for 9 days. Based on his illness condition, we held the kidney experts’ consultation, finally the doctor gave the systemic treatment plan: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy and Oral Chinese Hebral Medicine. They can help inhibit the generation of cyst fluid and increase the cyst wall permeability so that cyst fluid can flow out.

Curative effects of our treatments.

His creatinine level dropped to 253 umol/L. In order to consolidate its curative effect, he took away three months’ medicine.

Come to our hospital at the second time.

Due to overwork, his creatinine raised to 290-300umol/L. So he came to our hospital again. This time, he was in hospital for 7 days. After treatment, his creatinine level declined to 250umol/L. After discharging from our hospital, he insisted on aggressive treatment. Now his creatinine level was 230umol/L. He believes that he will become better and better with our treatments.

Although PKD cannot be cured thoroughly, what we can do is to slow down or even stop progression of illness conditions. Any help, please contact us: or leave a message below directly and we are ready to help you!

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