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Chinese Medicine Treatments Bring New Life for the American Man

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Name: Robert Williams

Gender: Male

Age: 65 years old

Country: America

Diagnosis: Primary Hypertension, Hypertensive Nephropathy, Kidney Failure, Coronary Heart Disease, Hyperlipemia.

Illness history about Williams.

He was diagnosed with hypertension about 10 years ago. Two years back, his urine test reports showed proteinurine ++, and his serum creatinine level was increased last year. As we all know, hypertension is one of leading cause of kidney disease, and elevated creatinine level means his kidneys have been damaged severely with less than 50% kidney function left.

Why he choose our hospital for treatments?

When his creatinine level increased to more than 200umol/L, the doctor suggest him to take dialysis. However, he still believed that he can take other alternative treatments for his disease and avoid dialysis. So he began to search related information on Internet. Fortunately, he saw our featured and unique therapies on our website. After learning and observation for a period, he finally planed to come for further treatments.

He came to our hospital on October 6th, 2015

Chinese Medicine Treatments Bring New Life for the American Man

Dr. John fist gave a systemic tests for his case when he came to our hospital. His serum creatinine level was 216umol/L, uric acid level was 442umol/L, potassium level in blood was 3.47 in his reports. Depending on his condition, Dr. John made a systemic treatment plan for him after kidney experts’ consultation. Since his kidney damage is mainly caused by hypertension, so our doctor make systemic treatment for him aiming at controlling blood pressure and repairing kidney damage from the root.

Treatments plan for his individualized conditions.

Dr. John gave him natural Chinese therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Oral Chinese Medicine, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Maikang Mixture, etc. All of them can help set up good blood environment so as to repair injured kidney tissues and rebuild his damaged kidney structure.

Treatments’ curative effects

After two weeks’ treatments, Williams get obvious effects with our Chinese therapies. From his new test reports, his creatinine level is successfully reduced to 160umol/L from 216umol/l, his uric acid level reduced to 244umol/L from 422umol/L, and potassium level got into the normal range.

Williams is very satisfied with our treatment when he sees his great improvements. And it is also our honor that we can help him to live healthy and new life. If you’d like to try Chinese medicine therapies as your new treatments, please contact us: or Whatsapp&Viber +8615512139310!

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