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Do Swollen Legs Mean Kidney Failure

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Do Swollen Legs Mean Kidney FailureThere is a patient story from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. We share the story, hoping that more and more kidney disease patients with swelling can take correct treatments. Follow me and you will see the process.

Patients Name: Lu****, Female.

Symptom: Swelling on legs.

Treatments experience

In August last year, Mrs Lu suffered from the swelling on her two legs suddenly. She thought that swelling can disappear after rest. So she do not take any treatments. But who knows it becomes more and more serious? Then, she went to her local hospital for physical test. The test report showed that her swelling is induced by Chronic Kidney Failure. And her creainine level has reached to 500umol/l. Her doctor prescribed Jinshuibao capsule. And she thought that her disease is easily treated. Unfortunately, she took the medicine for one month, but the swelling did not occur and her creatinine level increased to 670umol/L. Last, she decided to go to Beijing. At this time, her kidneys had shrunk. She took oral Chinese medicine for one year in one hospital of Beijing. And creatinine level ranged from 646-1000umol/L. And she began to undergo peritoneal dialysis.

Changes of illness condition in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

Creatinine level decreased to 400umol/L from 882umol/L after 20 days’ treatment.

Swelling on legs disappear.

What treatments did she take?

In the hospital, we do use more systemic treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Maikang Mixture, Foot Bath. Through the systemic treatment, kidney damage can be repaired from the root.

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