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What Else Can We Rely on If Hormone Doesn’t Work

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What Else Can We Rely on If Hormone Doesn’t Work For Nephrotic Syndrome’s Treatment, it usually uses hormones to relieve proteinurie. And it seems to form a theorem. But the problem comes, if hormones do not work, what should we do? What else can we rely on?

Ms Zhang experienced the swelling on the both lower limbs in May, 2013, but she ignored it. Until to October, the swelling attacked her again. This time, she just want to take treatments.

In her local hospital, her test reports showed that: proteinurine 3+, blood in urine 3+, blood plasma albumin 26g/L, 24-hour urine protein examination 6.03g. As a result, she was diagnosed with Primary Nephrotic Syndrome. Then, under the doctor’s advice, she began to take the medicines treatments like Prednisone Acetate Tablets, OME(omeprazole), Huangkui Capsule, Calcitriol and so on.

Actually, it is a common treatment for nephrotic syndrome patients. But it is a pity that the set of treatments did not help the Ms Zhang. After the frequent reviews, the 24-hour urine protein examination was always kept within 2.5-6.1g. The local doctor suggested her to do renal puncture (renal biopsy), but she refused.

Eventually, she came to our hospital-Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. It seemed that the curative effect was not satisfying because her protein quantity was 2.96g in that time. Hormones do not function well, can we treat kidney disease well?

Of course we can. As long as finding out the underlying causes, we can treat even cure it.

How does Kidney Disease occur? Too much immune complexes has piled up in your blood and deposited in the kidneys, inducing the inflammation or cell proliferation. Finally, kidney disease occur.

Well then, is there any problems with these medicines which are taken by Ms Zhang?

Hormones are used to inhibit the immune inflammatory response and block protein; OME is used to treat anabrosis and reduce the inflammation; calcitriol can promote the calcium’s absorption can prevent the renal osteopathy to some extent; Huangkui Capsule is a common Chinese patent medicine.

Then, problems comes again. These medicines indeed can help relieve the related symptoms, but the immune complexes in the kidneys, can they clear? The answer is “No”!

In our Treatment center, we make full use of Chinese herbal medicines to clear the toxins and wastes. Through the treatments like traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, Foot Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Innuction Therapy, Enema Therapy and so on, the toxins and wasteful products can be discharged out of the body from the root.

After the systemic treatment, her illness condition has been improved largely. The 24-hour urine protein quantity had brought down 0.37g from 2.96g. Now, she has discharged hospital and live a healthy life.

I share the patient story, wishing that more patients can see that and get the correct and effective treatment. Any questions, do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or email to

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