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Typical Treatment for Atypical Membranous Nephropathy (Ⅰ)

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Typical Treatment for Atypical Membranous Nephropathy (Ⅰ)It is a atypical membranous nephropathy treatment case which is induced by the HBV. You may don’t know the two diseases’ pathological pattern. But I am sure that you are familiar with Nephrotic Syndrome which is a common performance in the kidney disease.

In April, 2013, a seventeen-year old girl Xiaoya suffered swelling in her eyelid and legs suddenly. And in Shanxi Province people's hospital, she done examination and the test report showed aas follows. Proteinurine 3+; ERY 3+; the amount of proteinurine within 24 hours is 2.79g. Under the doctor’s suggestion, she accept the kidney biopsy and the pathological report showed: membranous nephropathy related to hepatitis and atypical membranous nephropathy.

The good news is that her hepatitis is not at the active period; the bad news is that there is no any therapeutic effects after three times’ hospitalization. And the proteinurine and ERY are still 2+or 3+ , and swelling is often appear on her body. That’s cause the huge burden to her family.

For atypical membranous nephropathy, the common treatment include hormone therapy, anti-coagulation, lower blood pressure and diuresis and so on. But the treatments in her hospital are not effective. But in our hospital, the treatment we adopt is Chinese Medicine Treatment.

Membranous nephropathy refers to a kidney damage which is characterized by the large amount of immune complexes depositing in blood capillary of glomeruli. Therefore, cleaning immune complexes is the key point of treatment. In the regard, western medicines has no therapeutic effects. That’s also root cause of bad therapeutic effects.

The functions of Chinese medicine aims at activating blood circulation so as to remove blood stasis. It is very helpful at speeding up blood circulation and improving the internal environment of the body. What’s important, it can help other medicines do play its effectiveness, reduce the drugs risk to the body and play a significant role in the whole treatment.

Simply taking Chinese herbal medicines by oral is not enough. In order to realize the goal of activating blood circulation and removing the blood stasis, we created a series of systemic and innovated treatments such as Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Circle Therapy, Enema Therapy, moxibustion therapy and so on. All treatment treat kidney disease through the skin. The effective ingredients of medicines can permeate into the body which can promote blood circulation and clean the immune complexes.

On the basis of these treatment, then cooperating the routine treatment, the good therapeutic effects can be obvious. This is the whole treatment option.

After the two months’ treatment, the symptoms disappear. Not only proteinurie and hematuria can be relieved but also the hepatitis B virus also get well controlled. It has proved that our treatment is effective and it can be regarded as the “Typical Treatment for Atypical Membranous Nephropathy”.

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