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Thanks for Your Introduce that I Can Come Here

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Thanks for Your Introduce that I Can Come HereIn these days, Mr. Fan Chuanfa is very glad, because he will discharge from the hospital at once.

When he is packing, his competent Dr. Dong Liangsheng and nurse Gu Shaohua visit him and they are talking and laughing. It has a long time that Mr. Fan do not feel relaxed. Because he not only has a 8-year diabetes history, even more, he is diagnosed with kidney disease. For a 52-year old man, living with kidney disease is a terrible and upset thing.

Since he found diabetes 8 years ago, he has started to his long road of the treatment. In the beginning, he took the treatment in the FengXian People’s Hospital. The treatment aims at controlling blood sugar which relies on diet control and exercises. But they do not take the strict standard of monitoring mechanism of blood sugar. Then, he controlled his blood sugar by taking the medicines like Xiaoke pills, Metformin, NovoNorm, etc. During the period, he was not told to monitor blood sugar.

Until April of this year, he goes to do examination. This time, not only blood sugar reaches to 26.84mmol/L, but also proteinuria presents. After two hospitalization, his illness condition is not be improved. On the contrary, his diabetes is more and more serious but he has no idea what he can do for himself. In the critical time, a phone call gives his the new hope.

The phone call is from aunt Chen who is reported on October 30. She is also a Diabetic Nephropathy and illness condition is more serious than Mr. Fan. But after the treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, her illness condition get obvious improvement.

They are fellow sufferers as both suffer from the same kidney disease. Aunt Chen gave him a call and told him the treatment here. Meanwhile, Mr. Fan comes to our hospital with another kidney disease friend.

In our hospital, he takes the a series of natural treatment under the professional help of Dr. Dong and nursing care of the nurses. After a period of treatment, Mr Fan’s illness condition gets well improvement and he begin to have a good mood.

Actually, he is very grateful that aunt Chen can introduce him to come to here. And aunt Chen is really a “the best patients’ friend of China”. If you are your beloved one is suffering from kidney disease, you might share with the passage with them. Any questions, please talk with our online doctors or mail us to

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