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Traditional Chinese Medicine Defeat Uremia

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Defeat Uremia Uremia is also know as end-stage renal disease or Stage 5 Kidney Failure which means the kidneys have nearly lost all of functions. In the stage, dialysis or kidney transplant is commonly used to maintain the patients’ life. Here we can tell you a real patient story in about Traditional Chinese Medicine defeat uremia in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

Eric, a lawyer come from Ivory Coast. He has a stable job and a happy family. And he should have a happy life. But unfortunately, in 2007, the misfortunes occurs.

One day in 2007, he found that there is swelling in his lower limbs and after rest, it did not disappear. The test result showed: proteinurine 1+, occult blood 2+, kidney function: normal. And his doctor just prescribed some drugs and reminded him to limit intake of protein. After days, swelling was indeed disappear.

In 2008, swelling attacked him again. Test showed: proteinurine 2+. The doctor prescribed diuretic. After taking the medicine, swelling relieved gradually. But in the reexamination, protein in urine always fluctuated from 2+ to 3+.

In 2011, Eric began to suffer from nausea and vomiting. And blood pressure was 150/80mmHg, proteinurine 2+, serum creatininie level 232umol/L. His conditions had developed into renal insufficiency stage and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure and Renal Hypertension. After two years treatment, creatinine level kept increasing. Eventually, he began to start dialysis. Due to side effects of dialysis, his urine output is more and more less and to get the further treatment, he came to our hospital.

In our hospital, Dr. Zhang design a special Chinese medical treatment after analyzing his test reports. Namely, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy, Mai-Kang Composition, Foot Bath. All of them contribute to help the damaged kidney discharge extra wastes and toxins from the blood, repair kidney damage, and protect remaining renal function. After the systemic treatment, high creatinine level decreases, blood urea nitrogen level decreases, and uric acid become normal. Seeing the therapeutic effects, Eric builds up more confidence to our treatment.

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