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How to Treat Proteinuria++ and Creatinine 2.8 in Nephrotic Syndrome

2014-04-18 15:11| Font Size A A A

Nephrotic Syndrome refers to a group of syndromes featured with increased glomerular basement membrane permeability and decreased GFR. However, if the medical report show proteinuria++ and creatinine 2.8, what does it mean? And what should patients do?

In normal condition, kidneys are responsible for the excretion of metabolic wastes and preservation of useful substances. However, in nephrotic syndrome, the injured “blood-cleaners” will not be able to do this job properly. Gradually, more and more wastes including creatinine will build up in the body. As for protein, it will leak into urine due to increased glomerular basement membrane permeability.

What does creatinine 2.8 and proteinuria++ mean?

Creatinine 2.8 is higher than the reasonable value(0.5-1.1mg/dL), and it suggests at least 50% kidney function has been damaged. When it comes to proteinuria++, the quantity can be 2g or more within 24 hours.

What should patients do?

1. In Western medicine, drugs like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, etc may be firstly used to relieve proteinuria. If the therapeutic effect is not well, hormones or immunosuppressive agents will be prescribed by the doctors, unfortunately, long-term usage of these drugs may lead to decreased immunity.

2. From a dietary perspective, it is essential to avoid eating too much red meats, otherwise, creatinine 2.8 will continue to increase. Meanwhile, the ingestion of high-protein foods should be limited, and some high-quality protein foods can be necessary. Wanna to get such a detailed food list? Feel free to click the Online Doctor immediately!

3. Treatments should be taken to improve kidney function. Nephrologists of our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital suggests that the key point to alleviate or eliminate the aforementioned discomforts is to make the kidneys work normal. And treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Purification technique and so on can be used together. Nice day!

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